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    I once saw a falling star is the first collaboration between composer and installation artist Wojtek Blecharz (1981, Poland) and choreographer and performance maker Vala T. Foltyn (1986, Poland), which they develop for and against the site of the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. In their genre – and discipline-crossing practices, the artists often address political issues of recent history, such as the Nazi dictatorship or current queerphobia, and they search for new modes of emanicpatory practices, queering spirituality, rituals and aesthetics as a gesture of witching.

    Wojtek Blecharz is a pioneer in the format which we would like to term music installations. With a classical training in composition, he gained international recognition for a series of opera installations in which various embodiments of sound collapsed the traditional divisions between stage and audience, sound and resonating body. He moves freely between acoustic instrumental composition and analog-electronic sound synthesis, and often uses language and performative elements to create expansive gesamtkunstwerke in time and space, most of which actively involve the audience.

    Vala T. Foltyn is a performance artist who’s work is greatly informed by artistic research and queer methodologies. Trained as a cultural anthropologist and choreographer, her often process-based and community-oriented work seeks connections between art, activism and belonging, and revolves around witchcraft, writing and installation. The power of soft resistance and poetic rebellion find incantatory expressiveness in her intimate, ritualistic performances.

    I once saw a falling star is a many hours long sound ritual that engages an archive of Nazi resistance fighters from Kraków. Within the context of the perpetrator site of the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, the territories of violence are explored and reshaped through queer and spiritual gestures of transfiguration.

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